Rob White is the author of this blog.

My purpose in creating and maintaining this blog is twofold. First I love doing this kind of stuff. Second I want to provide a unique perspective on all things Michigan Basketball. You might be wondering what is so unique about my perspective and that is a fair question. I have been a fan of Michigan Basketball dating back to the mid 1980s. My love and support for this team has never wavered, even during the darkest days. I will admit that I tend to be overly optimistic with my predictions but don’t mistake that for a lack of knowledge about the team and the game. I follow it very closely and can offer that perspective combined with the fanatical and sometimes humorous way that I view and or handle things that are happening with the team.

Please feel free to share comments, ideas, and suggestions.

I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Beilein

I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Beilein on 8/30/2008 at the Michigan vs. Utah Football game.


6 Responses to About

  1. SpartyTX says:

    Great blog Rob – keep up the good work and make sure to put that sense of humor to work in your writiing! – Chris

  2. Joe says:

    I added this site to my bookmarks, I have been looking for someone who is as excited about Michigan basketball as me. After watching every game last year it should be a lot more fun this year. Go Blue!

  3. michiganbasketball says:

    Thanks Joe, I appreciate the comments and the feedback. It should indeed be a fun season. The longsuffering is over

  4. JRM says:

    Thank you for this blog. I am glad that I can feed my U of M b-ball addiction from one internet source.

  5. michiganbasketball says:

    Thanks for the feedback. If you have any ideas let me know


  6. Max Tcheyan says:

    I see your blog has moved over to isportsweb.

    Would love to have your articles posting at bleacherreport.com. With our blog import tool your articles would auto-import to your b/r profile and link back to your blog giving your work exposure to our established online community.

    I have no doubt that your bracket coverage/ncaa hoops content would get a ton of reads with us, in particular with the tourney about to kick off. Please email me mtcheyan@bleacherreport.com so I can tell you more about our site and get you set up.


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