Novak Suspended for One Game

MGoBlue is reporting that John Beilein has suspended Zack Novak for the Purdue game as a result of the elbowing incident at Ohio State. “We are taking swift and appropriate action with Zack for this isolated and very uncharacteristic incident,” said Beilein. “He is a fine young man, and while his actions were unacceptable he understands the severity of them and is apologetic and regretful for his behavior. I am confident Zack will learn a valuable lesson from this imposed discipline and the consequences of his actions.”


2 Responses to Novak Suspended for One Game

  1. Joe says:

    Hmmm…at first Beilein said he was boxing out, now he says it was an isolated incident. I agree with him though, Novak is a class act and who knows why he did what he did. We’ll definitely miss him on Saturday…damn.

  2. 9er says:

    As much as I like Novak that is the right move for sure. He could have broken that kid’s nose easily. I am certain he’ll never do it again being forced to miss a huge conference game like this. Bummer.

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