Northwestern Preview

beilein61Michigan (13-6, 3-4) is going to have their hands full on Saturday night when they host Northwestern (10-6, 2-4). On Wednesday night the Wildcats went to East Lansing and knocked off the Spartans. Maybe they will have a let down coming off such an emotional win. Then again maybe they will be clicking on all cylinders after such a big win.

Northwestern is led by the duo of Kevin Coble (14.6 ppg) and Craig Moore (14.1 ppg). They are a smart team that shoots the ball well and executes their offense and defense sharply.

We all know Michigan is on a 3 game losing streak and desperately needs a win. Less then two weeks ago the Wolverines were ranked in both polls and sitting at 3-1 in the conference. Since then they have lost to Illinois, Ohio State, and Penn State. They have not shot the ball well and according to many observers they look tired. In fact one of Penn State’s coaches told Coach Beilein that his team looked tired on Tuesday night.

This is a young team and perhaps they have hit the wall. Sharp shooters Zack Novak, Laval Lucas-Perry, and Stu Douglass are all playing for the first time. Maybe they are tired.

This is the same team that knocked off UCLA, Duke, and a very good Illinois team. They also nearly lost to Savannah State and Indiana, having to comeback from 20 point deficits in both of those games to secure wins. Coach Beilein said this season would be a roller coaster and he is proving to be exactly right.

I know this feels all too familiar to all of us longsuffering Michigan fans. We have seen this script before; a promising start crumbles as the team gets into the grind of the Big Ten schedule. The one big difference this time is John Beilein. He is a tremendous coach and he is capable of guiding this team through the storm. He knows what he is doing and how he can guide this talented but young team through the growing pains that come with laying a foundation.

I still believe in this team. I believe they can get this going in the right direction again. Will they beat Northwestern? I don’t know. I sure hope so, but as we are seeing the Big Ten is fairly stacked this year, not surprising considering the caliber of coaches this conference has.

So I urge all Michigan Basketball fans to step back from the ledge and get behind this team when they need you the most.




3 Responses to Northwestern Preview

  1. Joe says:

    The early success of this team has led people to believe that the program is rebuilt, but the truth is the program is still rebuilding. The difference between these last two years and the previous years is that I can honestly say they will be better next year. Beilein is the right guy, he may not get them to the tournament this year but they are definitively going to be in the bracket very soon. Even though they seem to have hit a wall this year (maybe not) I am still very excited for the future of Michigan basketball.

  2. 8ball says:

    When the Wolverines broke into the AP 25 this year, Beilein remarked that they are not good enough to be a top 25 team. Based on their huge wins against UCLA and Duke, it made me wonder if he knew the difference between a sneeze and a wet fart. However, it’s beginning to look like he was correct all along. Regardless, I agree that he’s the right guy for the job. At long last, Michigan basketball is on the road to recovery.

  3. 9er says:

    We are on the road, no doubt, but there will be some disappointment if we don’t make the tourney after the good start.

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