Laval Lucas-Perry


llpHere is the lowdown on LLP. Lucas-Perry played his high school ball for Flint Powers where he was a two time All State selection. Lucas-Perry enrolled at Arizona last year where he played 49 minutes in 5 games and scored 20 points. He transferred from Arizona to Michigan and practiced with the team most of last season.

Lucas-Perry petitioned the NCAA and was granted a season of competition waiver to regain one season of eligibility. That was huge because if that request had been denied he would have only had 2.5 years of eligibility. Now he has 3.5 years to play for Michigan.

He is listed at 6-3, 185 pounds. He can play either guard position but figures to play a lot of point guard for Coach Beilein.

We have heard glowing reports about his play in practice since last year. Tim McCormick said LLP would be the best point guard at Michigan since Rumeal Robinson. Lucas-Perry is said to be a very good defender and possibly the best defender on the team. McCormick also said that Lucas-Perry has a unique ability to separate and that he “gets it”.

Jay Williams did the color commentary for the Michigan Tech game and said, He said he had talked with Jerryd Bayless about LLP and he told Williams that Lucas-Perry was one of the toughest guys for him to guard. Williams later said that when LLP was eligible to play it was going to really improve Michigan’s team.

I had the chance to speak with Lucas-Perry after the Savannah State game and asked him if he was ready to go. He quickly responded with Maryland, Duke, Eastern and then I can play.

I will be in attendance at the Palace for his debut and am really looking forward to seeing him play. 


2 Responses to Laval Lucas-Perry

  1. Joe says:

    He is going to be a great addition on the team, I am really excited to see what this kid can add.

  2. michiganbasketball says:

    I can’t wait to see him play. He will only help make the team better.

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