Yes, I am predicting 21 wins

I have taken a little heat for the 17 games in my “win” category and for my 21 wins prediction. (Let everybody know what you think by voting in the poll at the end of this post) So let’s take another look at those games:


Michigan TechCoach John Beilein


Norfolk State

Savannah State

Eastern Michigan

Oakland (at the Palace)

Florida Gulf Coast

North Carolina Central


at Indiana


at Penn State


Penn State

at Northwestern


at Minnesota


One comment I heard a couple of times was how hard it is to win on the road in the Big Ten. The road games I have Michigan winning are
Indiana: I know Michigan never wins in Bloomington, but this is going to be a season like no other in Bloomington.

at Penn State: Michigan lost here last year but I think they can win this one

at Northwestern: Michigan won here last year.

at Minnesota: This might be the biggest reach of the road games.

Ok, even if you split those 4 road games that is 15 wins with 14 more games to play.

I submit that they will not lose all 14 of those games.


Here are some reasons why I think Michigan can accomplish the 21 wins I predicted.


  1. Coach John Beilein has a history of marked improvement in his second season at a school. He is a very good coach and you can’t disregard that fact.
  2. Manny Harris is a candidate for Big Ten player of the year. He could have a very big season. Coach Beilein has commented on how much he loves the chemistry of this team.
  3. Laval Lucas-Perry will be eligible to play on December 20th against Oakland. All reports on him have been very good.
  4. The Big Ten is down a little this year. Indiana is in a bigger rebuilding situation then Michigan was last year and with less talent. Illinois and Iowa are also a bit down.


So there you have it. I am standing by my prediction of 21 wins. I think they win all 17 of those games listed above and at least 4 of the remaining 14 games. I really don’t see how those projections are that outrageous. Remember this is a new era of Michigan Basketball.




7 Responses to Yes, I am predicting 21 wins

  1. AG2 says:

    I think @ Minnesota might be pushing it. I’m not even sure they beat Minnesota at home. They only lost at Penn State because they happened to score like 90% of their 3’s or something, so that game is doable.

    I think @ Iowa is definitely winnable. They won there last year and Iowa is arguably the worst team in the Big Ten this year, even lower than Indiana. They lost their best player, Tony Freeman to Southern Illinois after Licklighter essentially told him to take a hike.

  2. Rewerts says:

    Yes, you are being optimistic to a point of insanity.

    Going by your “they cant lose all the other 14 games” logic, then you would have to consider they will not win all 17 you have predicted them to as well.

    Michigan will get lucky to get 1 win on the road in the big 10 this year. There only chances are at NW and PSU, both of which are unlikely. Minny is going to the tourney this year and will whoop you down at the Barn and in Chrysler, you can cross those two off the list now. PSU is going to be improved and will hold on at home as well.

    I’ll go a bit on the optimistic side and guess michigan wins 15 games this year. Probably a bit too generous though.

  3. Rewerts says:

    Typo alert, should read.. “There only chances are at NW and Indy.”

  4. Wolverine says:


    I like how you think!!! I, too, had Michigan winning more than 21 games for this season (I listed my prediction under the 2007-08 MaizeRage Season preview [I was one of three “Panelists”]). Do you want our Newsletter 2007-08 MaizeRage Season preview??? Do you know anybody/anyone else who would be interested in it??? Please let me know (we can exchange emails privately)!!!! THANKS!!!!


    p.s. Nice Blog, you have here!!!!

  5. michiganbasketball says:

    I know my prediction is lofty but I stand by it.

  6. Toddboy71 says:

    Hmmmm reWARTS, care to reasses your beliefs after two victories over top 5 teams? I’m not saying that this youth will breeze through a rugged big ten, but I believe that a 8-10,9-9 conference record is attainable. Would be likely 18-20 overall wins.

  7. Joe says:

    At this point they are 9 wins away from 21, the only games that I think might not happen are @PSU and @Minn, but Duke and UCLA will make up for those losses.

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