Schedule Projections

About a month ago I broke down the basketball schedule and came up with the following:

These 17 games are wins, go ahead and log it

Michigan Tech


Norfolk State

Savannah State

Eastern Michigan

Oakland (at the Palace)

Florida Gulf Coast

North Carolina Central


at Indiana


at Penn State


Penn State

at Northwestern


at Minnesota


None of those are outrageous picks. So that leaves us with these remaining 14 games:


UCLA (Madison Square Garden)

Duke/Southern Illinois (Madison Square Garden)

at Maryland



at Illinois

Ohio State

at Ohio State

at Purdue

at Connecticut

Michigan State

at Iowa


at Wisconsin


Let’s go conservative and say they go 4-10 in those 14 games. That puts them at 21-10 heading into the Big Ten Tournament. Now they might lose one or two of the “wins” and they might win some of the undecided games. Either way you get the idea. Any thoughts?



3 Responses to Schedule Projections

  1. Bigdre5 says:

    I like the site…and surprisingly I agree with the 17 wins. I would count the game at Minnesota as a loss. Tough place to play and Tubby has been recruiting his azz off. I’d be content with a .500 season this year, but who knows???? Gonna be fun.

  2. michiganbasketball says:

    Thanks dre I appreciate the feedback. I agree this season is going to be fun.

  3. jim g. says:

    the michigan hoops fans are in for an incredible season ahead. i couldnt name 1 player on the wolverines. not really a fan , in fact i still hate them. i went to da Hall. im sure all of you remember ’89. Rumeal Robinson driving the lane, Seton Hall winning by a pt., completly out of control. a Whistle.has to be traveling, no offensive foul or just out of play, Seton Hall ball. WRONG. foul on theHall. Michigan- champs But i know your coach very well. he went to school with my brother at Wheeling. ive followed his amazing career very closely. he is a great coach and one day will be in the hoops hall of fame. and a GREATperson to boot. gotta go they’re making a run at UCLA. ENJOY

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